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't understand why they're intervening when it comes to required reading. >> give a $100 million deficit in philadelphia, they are intervening because they do this all the time. they don't want to fix the basic problem. they get distracted. they are pretty radical and that is why they went into this book. >> radical. howard zinn's writings included ideas of socialism. you were wise enough to question one of the council women on this, genie blackwell. you asked her when you interviewed her, he's an apologist for fidel castro. why should this be required reading? what did she have to say? >> she said essentially in the interview what's wrong with castro? he must be doing something right. otherwise he wouldn't stay in power this long. she also said people's parents like marco rubio's who fled, he said let's be for equality, white, black and brown and these people didn't want equality. that is why they went to the united states. >> i want to throw out a couple of quotes we have on him. he said, quote, how can you have a war on terrorism when war itself is terrorism? talking about civil disob
not believe that the system as currently tooled is workable. i think a this will add enormously to the deficit and i hate to say that, but it becomes clear now, because people are going to resist paying this brand-new tax and particularly the young and healthy. they're going to say why are you -- i'm already struckling. look how high unemployment is among my demographic is anyway. how unhappy i am with you old folks telling you what i have to do and now i have to buy this when i don't need it. if only we had kept our powder do i and waited until the launch, waited until the failure and then complain. >> all became political. and the president's poll numbers are dropping. the headline in the new york post today, go frisk yourself. we've got this stop and frisk policy here in new york city. many have said that it's one of the reasons the crime is so low here, including the guy who wants to be the next mayor says i would get rid of it. the good news for people, if you like it, apparently the judge who ruled on this has been booted and the federal monitors for this have been put on hold. >> ray ke
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2